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Board Meetings and AGMs

Note: In order to simplify the structure, reduce costs and reflect changes in directors, Harborough Energy is in the process of closing down as a limited company – the vision and push towards increased community owned clean energy will continue through Harborough Solar One!

The Board aim to meet every couple of months to ensure progress is managed and momentum is maintained.  Our meetings are open to interested parties to attend – please provide us with prior notice via our ‘Get Involved’ page.

We hold Annual General Meetings (AGMs) for:

  • Harborough Energy (HE) – (Closing down) 
  • Harborough Solar One (HS1) – around November (open to all members)

To keep our members fully informed and as part of our long standing commitment to public transparency, here are the official minutes summarising our meetings (in reverse chronological order):





Link to Minutes


2024 February HS1 board   27.02.24-Board-Meeting-Minutes  
2023 November HS1  Harborough Solar One Ltd AGM Minutes 22.11.23  In person, recorded
2023 October HS1 board 2023/11/10.10.23-Board-Meeting-Minutes Via Video
2023 August HS1 board 2023/11/29.08.23-Board-Meeting-Minutes Via video
2023 July HS1 board 2023/11/25.07.23-Board-Meeting-Minutes-FINAL Via video
2023 June HS1 board 2023/11/13.06.23-Board-Meeting-Minutes-FINAL Via video
 2023  March HS1 board  2023/11/23-03-14-Board-Meeting-Minutes-FINAL Via video
 2023 January   HS1 board 23-01-18-Board-Meeting-Minutes-FINAL  Via video
 2022 November  HS1 board  2022-11-09-Board-Meeting-Minutes-FINAL-signed Via video
2022 November   – HS1 Minutes-HS1-AGM-16.11.22-FINAL Seventh HS1 AGM
2022 November  HS1 Board 2022-11-09 Minutes of meeting FINAL Via video Link to Chairmans report
2022 September  HS1 Board 2022-09-28 Minutes-of-meeting-FINAL via video
2022  June HS1 Board HE-HS1-Minutes-14.06.22-Final Via video
2022  May HE -> HS1 2022-05-03-Succession-Planning-Meeting-Action-Notes Via video
2022  March HE Directors 2022-03-22-Minutes-of-meeting-FINAL General Meeting via video
2022  February HE Board  2022-02-22-Minutes-of-meeting-FINAL Via video
2021 December  HE Board  – 2021-12-09-Minutes-of-meeting-Final Via video
2021 November   – HS1 Minutes-HS1-AGM-17.11.21-FINAL Sixth HS1 AGM via video
2021 October HE Board 2021-10-27-Minutes-of-meeting-FINAL Via video
2021 October HE Directors 2021-10-26-Minutes-of-Directors-Meeting Via video
2021 September HE 2021-09-22-HE-AGM-Minutes-FINAL Via video
2021  September HE Board  2021-09-14-Minutes-of-meeting-Final Via video & at NBJ
2021 May HE Board 2021-05-25-Minutes-of-meeting-FINAL Held via video
2021 March  HE Board 2021-03-18-Minutes-of-meeting-FINAL Held via video
2021 January HE Board 2021-01-21-Minutes-of-meeting-FINAL Held via video
2020 November  HS1 Minutes-of-AGM-12.11.20-FINAL

HS1 AGM Presentation NOV20 (pdf)

Fifth HS1 AGM via video
2020 October  HE Board  – 2020-10-29-Minutes-of-meeting-Final Held via video due to CV19
2020 September HE Board HE 2020-09-10 Minutes of meeting Final Held via video due to CV19
2020 June HE Board 2020-06-15-HE-Board-Minutes-FINAL Held via video due to CV19
2020 April HE Board HEBoardMeet20April2020-Final Held via video due to CV19
2020 January HE Board 2020-01-21-Minutes-of-meeting
2019 November HS1 Minutes-HS1-AGM-2019

HS1 AGM 2019 Presentation

Fourth HS1 AGM
2019 October HE Board 2019-10-21-HE-Board-Minutes-FINAL
2019 August HE Board 2019-08-20-HE-Board-Minutes-FINAL
2019 August HE 2019-08-20-HE-AGM-Minutes-FINAL
2019 June HE Board HE Board June2019
2019 March HE Board Minutes 19 Mar 2019
2019 February HE Board HE meeting notes 120219
2018 December HE Board Minutes Dec 2018
2018 November HS1 Minutes-AGM HS1 2018

HS1 AGM 2018 – Slides PDF

Third HS1 AGM
2018 October HE Board Minutes 17.10.18
2018 August HE Board Minutes-mtg-2018-08-06.docx
2018 July HE Board Minutes-mtg-2018-07-03.docx
2018 July HE 2018-07-03-HE-AGM-Minutes.docx
2018 March HE Board Minutes mtg 2018-03-13
2018 January HE Board Minutes mtg 2018-01-25
2017 November HE Board Minutes mtg 2017-11-16
2017 November HS1 Minutes-AGM HS1 2017 Second HS1 AGM
2017 April HE Board Minutes mtg 2017-04-11
2017 March HE Board Minutes mtg 2017-03-14
2017 March HE Annual General Meeting Minutes 2017
2017 January HE Board Minutes mtg 2017-01-10
2016 November HE Board Minutes-mtg-2016-11-24.docx
2016 November HS1 minutes-agm 2016 First HS1 AGM
2016 October HE Board minutes-mtg-2016-10-11 Redacted (ref. Pentair)
2016 February HE Board Minutes mtg 2016-02-09
2016 January HE Board Minutes mtg 2016-01-12
2015 December HE Board Minutes mtg 2015-12-15
2015 August HE Board 2015-19-08 Board Meeting
2015 June HE Board Minutes mtg 170615 gf
2015 March HE Board Minutes mtg 100315
2015 February HE Board Minutes mtg 120215
2015 January HE Board Minutes mtg 2 140115 First HE Board Meeting
2015 January HE Formation Minutes mtg 1 140115 Incorporation Meeting


Board Roles and Structure 

Note:  Harborough Energy is in the process of closing down as a limited company.

Harborough Energy Limited has a flexible approach to roles and structure.   We do not have a Chair, Chief Executive, Financial Dir, etc – all our Directors are volunteers who share responsibilities and pool their skills. 

The Harborough Solar One Limited roles have been allocated – primarily to meet our Community Benefit Society rules, to facilitate the AGMs and comply with the Community Shares handbook.

The following table may help you understand how we are structured overall and how the two organisations relate to each other (further details of our governance structure can be found in our ‘Roles and Responsibilities’ document):

Current Post Holders:

HE Position (Role)

HS1 Position *** (Role)

Peter Jones OBE Director ‘Director’ (Management Committee Member – Chair)
Darren Woodiwiss Director ‘Director’ (Management Committee Member – Data protection)
John Twidell Director ‘Director’ (Management Committee Member)
Carl Tiivas
Director ‘Director’ (Management Committee Member – Treasurer)
Stephen Rankine Director ‘Director’ (Management Committee Member)
Lesley / Sarah ** Operational Support Operational Support
Previous Post Holders:     
Oliver Savage Director  Management Committee Member (Secretary)
Judith Waddington Director  Management Committee Member
Sharon Burke Director  Management Committee Member
Neil Burke Director  Management Committee Member (Secretary)
Gavin Fletcher Director & Treasurer Management Committee Member – Treasurer
David Robbins Director Management Committee Member (Data protection)

* Gavin and David are standing down during 2022

** Lesley and Sarah are from MyAdminSupport, a local company who are contracted by Harborough Energy on a part time basis to provide key day-to-day functions and operational support across the two organisations.

*** Directors – We refer to ‘Directors’ but HS1 is registered via the Financial Conduct Authority Mutuals Public Register rather than Companies House – who don’t display a register of HS1 directors.  As stated in the guidance “In a society, members have the right to appoint and dismiss directors and determine the affairs and rules of the society” – this is our “Board of Management” developed from the initial setup (Peter, Darren, David and Oliver).  These roles are referred to in our Annual Accounts (produced for us by Master Accounting) and rotated/extended/approved at the AGMs.