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Community energy

Case study: Archway Health Hub

Archway Health Hub is a natural health centre based on Lubenham Hill, Market Harborough. Over the past 12 months, the health centre has extended its range of services to include a hearing clinic and physiotherapy services. These have added to the natural health therapies including acupuncture, sports massage and chiropractic.

What did we do?

Harborough Energy has managed the installation of 10.4kW solar panels across the south-facing roofs of Archway Health Hub. The installation is part of the Harborough Solar One (HS1) scheme, meaning that it comes at no upfront cost to the health centre.

Harborough Energy found funding from investors in the local community to show how everyone can benefit from community-owned solar schemes: investors, building owners and the community alike.

Archway Health Hub will benefit from lower energy costs while community investors are set to receive an annual return of around 5%. All remaining profits from the scheme will go towards causes in Market Harborough such as providing affordable warmth to vulnerable households.

“The process was really simple. We’re now looking forward to feeling the benefits of solar power,” comments Alec Welton, owner and practitioner at Archway Health Hub.

“Solar panels are something that we’ve been looking into for a while now and the HS1 scheme meant that we didn’t have to fund the project but started benefiting from it financially straight away. We are a company that aims to reduce our carbon footprint and this installation echoes our drive to help create a sustainable environment.”

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