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Healthy homes project for North West Leicestershire

*** NOTE: This scheme has expired and further funding is under review.  Please contact North West Leicestershire Council or Street Home Solutions for the current position regarding the availability of Healthy Homes funding. ***

North West Leicestershire District Council has teamed up with Harborough Energy to offer insulation measures to its residents.  The aim is to improve the energy-efficiency and running costs of the homes most in need in the community and in doing so, help to improve the overall well-being of residents.  The healthy homes scheme will particularly help those households who are unable to benefit from gas heating systems.

Following the introduction by the Government of a brand new Flexible Eligibility scheme North West Leicestershire District Council  is delighted to announce that they are one of the first local authorities to launch the scheme for private households. We are delighted that the Council has chosen Harborough Energy as its partner.  Harborough Energy will support this project by working with local installation companies to ensure that residents benefit from the new opportunities to improve their home, confident that the installers that it refers to have been fully vetted for quality standards.

As well as assisting households that have low incomes and those that live in homes that are expensive to keep warm the scheme is now also offering assistance to those residents that suffer from illnesses and conditions that are exacerbated by living in cold damp homes including:

Cardiovascular conditions

Respiratory conditions

Mental health conditions

Residents over 65 and those with children under 5

How do I get the funding?

Advisers from our installer partners  and the Warmfront Team  will call at  homes across the district  to offer a free insulation inspection. A day and time for the free inspection will be discussed and arranged to suit you.  If you prefer you can contact us by e-mailing

It couldn’t be easier!

The inspection takes a few minutes and our installer partners  complete all the paperwork too! It doesn’t matter if you own your home or rent privately, however, funding for the scheme is limited, so now is the time to get your home insulated.

How do I find out more?

North West Leicestershire District Council has a list of all official surveyors, so you can check that they are genuine by calling the council on 01530 454545 and asking about the healthy homes scheme.

You can also find out more on the Council’s website

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