Here to provide affordable, local energy for Harborough residents
We are Harborough Energy...

Creating sustainable energy projects in and around Market Harborough.
Community energy

We are Harborough Energy. We are a cooperative set up to provide affordable, clean energy to communities in and around Market Harborough. Our local energy projects offer community investment opportunities as well as reduced energy costs for landowners and landlords.

We also work with Harbourgh District Council and other councils in the region to improve access by eligible residents to ‘Warm / Healthy Homes’ funding.

We are helping to give Harborough more control over its future energy costs and surety of supply, making it an even better place to live.

Thanks for getting involved

Harborough Solar One Project 2 Share Offer is now closed

Harborough Solar’s second project has successfully raised £100,000 of community investment for a ground mounted solar array. The array will help to reduce carbon emissions and fuel bills, and help those in fuel poverty. We started the installation in December 2018.

Find out more about Project 2 here.

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