Here to provide affordable, local energy for Harborough residents
We are Harborough Energy...

Creating sustainable energy projects in and around Market Harborough.
Community energy

We are Harborough Energy. We have been helping to provide affordable, clean energy to communities in and around Market Harborough since 2014.

  • Our local energy projects offer community investment opportunities that help keep fossil fuels in the ground, as well as reducing energy costs for land and property owners who host our installations.
  • Over the years, we have engaged with Harborough District Council and other councils in the region to help tackle fuel poverty by improving awareness and access by eligible residents to ‘Warm / Healthy Homes / ECO Flex’ funding.

We are helping to give Harborough more control over its future energy costs and surety of supply – making it an even better place to live .

Climate Crisis action and Retrofitting home energy efficiency measures

We all face the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic and the climate / environmental crisis.  This impacts on our activities whilst spurring us on to do more sooner.  Harborough Energy initiatives like Harborough Solar One continue to operate satisfactorily and in compliance with their governance structure and rules.

  • Admin is provided by a local support company (MyAdminSupport) – including supporting meetings, invoicing and monitoring the Harborough Energy email.
  • The 170 kW of community owned solar PV is monitored regularly to ensure each host site is producing electricity as expected.  We work with the hosts to assist them as best we can to maximise the benefit to them and the community that has funded our systems.

We are also keen to accelerate the carbon reduction, fuel poverty relief and retrofit measures that are so urgently needed – especially as fuel prices continue to rise rapidly and zero carbon targets draw nearer.