Here to provide affordable, local energy for Harborough residents
We are Harborough Energy...

Creating sustainable energy projects in and around Market Harborough.
Community energy

We are Harborough Energy. We are a cooperative set up to provide affordable, clean energy to the communities of Market Harborough. Our local energy projects offer investment opportunities as well as returns for landowners and landlords.

We will help to give Harborough more control over its future energy costs and surety of supply, making it an even better place to live.

Get involved

Help us to raise the money needed to get our share offer up and running, and bask in our collaborative, sunny, solar glory!

Harborough Solar One is an exciting opportunity to get involved in making 150kW of solar panels a reality in rural Leicestershire! But in order to get there we need to raise funding to get a share offer up and running. We are seeking £5,000 – that won’t pay for the panels, but it will contribute towards the fees of running a share offer in order to raise the £151,203 needed for the installation.

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