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"Warm Homes" community service

*** NOTE: This scheme has expired and further funding is under review.  Please contact HDC or Street Home Solutions for the current position regarding the availability of Warm Home funding. ***

Would you like a warmer home?

Get a winter woolly on your house

During the winter time, we all get out our warm jerseys, hats and scarves. We know that wrapping up thoroughly keeps us nice and cosy. But nobody wants to live in their coat and hat all winter. Wouldn’t it be good if we could put a warm jumper and woolly hat on our house?

Well thanks to a scheme from Harborough Energy in partnership with Harborough District Council Harborough residents can wrap their houses up. It’s called insulation and it works on your home the same way that the winter woollies work on you.

Did you realise you may be losing up to 1/3 of the heat in your house through your walls or
roof increasing your fuel bills.  With bills set to rise nobody needs that.

In many cases people participating in the scheme may not even have to pay.  Even if there is a charge they will only pay a small amount as the insulation is subsidised by the fuel suppliers – So come on get a winter woolly on your house!

How can I find out more about these grants? 

Get in touch and we will talk you through the process, ask you some straightforward questions about your home to make sure it is suitable, then, if you wish to go ahead will help organise the whole thing and ensure the work is done to a satisfactory standard.

We also have a team of advisors out and about in the community. They may call on you to offer a no obligation FREE survey.

To find out if your home is eligible, call 01604 740 950 or 07792 511 275 or email:

Do you have any other questions?

In this day and age its natural and sensible to be cautious about organisations offering home improvements and grants so we have arranged that you can call Harborough District Council on 01858 828 282 if you have any questions about the project, and its call handlers will either answer your questions directly or forward them to a council officer.