Here to provide affordable, local energy for Harborough residents
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Creating sustainable energy projects in and around Market Harborough.
Community energy

Who Are Harborough Energy

Harborough Energy is a not for profit cooperative, formed in December 2014 to provide affordable, clean energy to the communities in and around Market Harborough. Our local energy projects are designed to offer attractive investment opportunities, as well as, reasonable returns to the landowners and landlords that we use.

As a social enterprise, we aim to become an exemplar for reducing carbon through locally owned and managed renewable energy. The income we receive is used to pay back the investors in our projects, reduce energy costs of the landowners and landlords and to benefit local communities by improving energy use and facilitating better home insulation.

The cooperative is made up of volunteer board members who are responsible for the management and development of the organisation in order to fulfil its social purpose. If you would like to join us please get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you and what expertise you could add to Harborough Energy.

Information about our meetings, roles and structure and be found here – we are:

DarDarrenren Woodiwiss

Over 25 years experience of delivering software systems to business and a keen environmentalist. Co-founder of  Transition Town Market Harborough, Darren initiated the lottery funding application that eventually established Sustainable Harborough. Darren has strong local contacts and his desire is to improve the sustainability of the town and deliver clean efficient energy and improve the wealth and outcomes of the local population. He has been on the Harborough Energy board since late 2014.





Peter Jones OBE

After retiring formally after 25 years in the waste sector, Peter T Jones is involved in expounding and delivery of the emergent circular economy. Interest in the concept developed after initiating the Biffaward Mass Balance Programme from 1997 to 2008. Now retired from Biffa he is operating in NED or support roles for advanced thermal conversion technology companies as well as pro bono work for Policy Connect, environmental NGOs, CIWEM and a Community Interest Company establishing low carbon best practice in Leicestershire. That work facilitates links between funders, technology providers, waste companies, property companies and fossil energy users.

He qualified as an Industrial Economist in 1969 , holds an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Southampton for work associated with Environmental technologies and is a Member or Fellow of CIM , CIWEM, CIWM , CILT. He was awarded an OBE for services to the environment in 2007.

He has advised a wide range of blue chips with regard to Distributed energy from Waste, Chaired the WRAP sponsored Gas to Grid Group and the now defunct but ground breaking West Midlands study into co-location of renewable energy and recovery processes.  Peter has been on the Harborough Energy board since late 2014.

Peter has also acted as Chair of an Educational Trust in Northamptonshire in the process of adapting to changing needs for scale and improvement in performance.

David RobbinsDavid Robbins

David has lived in Harborough for over 30 years whilst working across England in service management, information sharing, energy and transport related initiatives.  He has had a keen interest in fuel conservation, process efficiency, sustainability and environmental issues since the early 80s.

Working with the Harborough Energy board since early 2016 has allowed him to get involved locally and apply his business experience and technical skills to help improve sustainability for Harborough people and local businesses.

David is also a volunteer Master Composter assisting community schemes and residents in and around the Market Harborough area to reuse ‘waste’ materials, save money and reduce carbon.




Oliver SavageOliver Savage

Oliver was Chairman of the Challenge Partnership Board for the Big Lottery Funded Sustainable Harborough project and has been a Harborough Energy board member since early 2016.

He has worked in environmental sustainability policy and projects for nearly 30 years working in local government, the voluntary sector and as an Independent Consultant.

Oliver has lived in Leicester for the past 25 years and has a commitment to supporting local environmental initiatives.

His other passion is cricket and Oliver coaches juniors at Leicester Electricity Sports Cricket Club.







John TwidellJohn Twidell

John joined the Harborough Energy board at the end of 2017.

He previously held the Chair in Renewable Energy at De Montfort University and before that was Director of the Energy Studies Unit of Strathclyde University. He has served on the Boards of the British Wind Energy Association (now RenewableUK), the UK Solar Energy Society and Westmill Windfarm Co-operative, and on committees of the Institute of Physics. He was an adviser to the UK Parliamentary Select Committee on Energy’s report on renewable energy. His co-authored text book ‘Renewable Energy Resources’ (Routledge) sells worldwide; he is now preparing the 4th edition. Books of Edited Proceedings include ‘Energy for Rural and Island Communities’ and ‘Offshore Wind Power’.

Members of Harborough Energy are welcome to visit the Twidell’s home which relies on solar water heating, solar electricity, internal and external insulation, wood stoves and wood pellet boiler, vegetable and fruit garden and an electric car.

Gavin Fletcher

Gavin joined the Harborough Energy board in early 2018 having been the Project Manager for Sustainable Harborough since its inception in 2013 until it closed formally at the end of 2017.

Gavin’s activities included the delivery of renewables projects, local food projects, community gardening/orchard projects, local sustainability events and business/household energy efficiency projects. Gavin reported to the Partnership Board as well as the Lottery. Gavin used to oversee the day-to-day operation of Harborough Energy.

Denise Marsdon – Community Energy Development Officer

We are very grateful for the ongoing assistance provided by Denise Marsdon whose part-time services we have retained from the now disbanded team at Sustainable Harborough (who were supported by the Big Lottery Fund).

With a masters’ degree in Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Denise has worked extensively in both the renewable energy sector and in delivering community engagement including managing the Energy Saving Trust advice service for the Midlands, providing strategic energy support for local authorities across the UK and working on renewables within the agricultural sector.