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Community energy

Harborough Energy Summit

Sustainable HarboroughDate: 3rd November, 2015

Time: 7:00am to 4:30pm

Admission Fee: Free

Harborough Energy Summit

Landlords: Do you want more information on changing energy Legislation? Implementing improvements and pensions and property investment?

Businesses and Landlords: Want to… Continue reading

Save our solar – make our community voice heard

On August 27th, the Government announced a full-scale review of the Feed-in Tariff, or FiT, scheme that supports renewable technologies in the UK and has allowed community energy to flourish. The proposal is to dramatically cut the FiT, introduce… Continue reading

Join the Community Energy Revolution!

Harborough Energy has been set up to give residents in and around Market Harborough the opportunity to collectively invest in, and own, local renewable energy projects. We are now almost ready to launch our first community scheme.

In order to… Continue reading

Food waste disposal – a local community solution

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a proven, well-tried and tested process that uses organic matter to produce biogas (renewable energy) and digestate (biofertiliser). AD provides a source of renewable energy, a method for recycling organic matter and a means of lowering… Continue reading

Obama pleads for Paris climate change deal

US President Barack Obama has called on world leaders to agree to cut carbon emissions at crucial talks in Paris later this year.

Speaking in Alaska, he said countries including his own were not doing enough to stop global warming.… Continue reading

Ethical Investment – is it for me?


Ethical investment funds tend to take one of two approaches:

  • Funds that avoid stocks that have a negative impact on the environment and its people – they tend to screen out companies involved in contentious sectors such as tobacco,… Continue reading