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Harborough Energy Summit

Sustainable HarboroughDate: 3rd November, 2015

Time: 7:00am to 4:30pm

Admission Fee: Free

Harborough Energy Summit

Landlords: Do you want more information on changing energy Legislation? Implementing improvements and pensions and property investment?

Businesses and Landlords: Want to find out the benefits of installing renewables on your properties  and local investment opportunities?

Harborough Area Businesses: Join in a taster Business Energy Club Meeting for business updates?

At the public event in the afternoon there will be an opportunity for residents to check their energy tariff and receive independent advice on switching energy supplier  JUST BRING ALONG YOUR ELECTRICITY AND GAS BILLS

Find out first hand about the Harborough Solar One Share Offer

Drop in to Harborough Energy Summit for a full day of talks, Q and A sessions, peer to peer support and networking suitable for Businesses, Landlords and Investors at the Angel Hotel in Market Harborough from 7am- 4.30pm on Tuesday 3rd November.

For more information about Harborough Energy Summit please go to: