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The rise of the commercial solar panel

An exciting new development to the rules for permitted development rights means that  commercial UK properties will soon be allowed, providing certain requirements are met, to build up to 1MW solar panels without the need to apply for planning permission. A huge increase on the previous 50kW threshold this legal amendment is thought to herald the way towards large scale warehouse or distribution centre clean energy projects.

The Renewable Energy Association’s Chief Executive, Dr Nina Skorupska, said: “Solar installed on commercial buildings has the potential to generate significant amounts of clean electricity, yet it is a considerably underdeveloped area, and the rigidity of the planning system has long been a major barrier to its progress.”

The UK’s Solar Trade Association also welcomed the move, with STA Business Analyst David Pickup commenting that: “So many warehouses, factories and offices could save money on their energy bills by having solar PV on their roofs.”

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