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Creating sustainable energy projects in and around Market Harborough.
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 The STA has published a summary of current solar deployment [1] at a major crunch point for the solar industry. This was reported in national media over the Easter weekend. The data shows that this year, solar retrofits on… Continue reading

Renewables' deep-sea mining conundrum

British scientists exploring an underwater mountain in the Atlantic Ocean have discovered a treasure trove of rare minerals.

Their investigation of a seamount more than 500km (300 miles) from the Canary Islands has revealed a crust of “astonishingly rich” rock.… Continue reading

Pssst – want a smart meter?

Well most of us have now heard about them, or seen the Gaz and Leccy adverts.

Every energy supplier must offer its customers a smart meter by 2020.  But it’s not compulsory to have one.

So, should we bot… Continue reading

Low carbon drive 'cuts household bills'

Britain’s low carbon energy revolution is actually saving money for households, a report says.

Households make a net saving of £11 a month, according to analysis from the Committee on Climate Change.

It calculates that subsidies to wind and solar… Continue reading

CfD auction terms announced – REA comment

  • BEIS releases updated Contracts for Difference auction terms
  • Next auction process takes place 03 April 2017
  • REA disappointment at Government’s lack of support for both the cheapest forms of renewable power and at the lack of support for emerging technologies… Continue reading
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