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Is the UK violating EU energy efficiency laws?

Energy waste campaigners have called for Brussels to begin legal proceedings against the UK for violation of EU energy saving laws, after research showed the country to be reliant on old laws to avoid the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.

Campaigners accuse the country of relying on measures such as an existing building code that predates the EU Energy Efficiency Directive for around half of its efforts to save C02.

The EU Directive aims to help prevent the equivalent of 94 million tonnes of oil from being burned by 2020.

Stefan Scheuer, secretary-general of the Coalition for Energy Savings, comments on the findings: “Only half of what the UK has done so far is eligible. It is a clear case for the Commission to start an investigation with a view to launching an infringement proceeding against the UK for a bad application of EU legislation.”

However, a Government spokesman argued that this new research did not call into question the UK’s ability to meet EU energy efficiency targets, saying: “We have a strong track record on energy demand reduction and are recognised as a global leader in this area.”

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