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Creating sustainable energy projects in and around Market Harborough.
Community energy

Free solar with community benefits

The new solar array on the Market Hall is coming on nicely. Harborough Energy is not involved in this one but we are looking for similar roofs on commercial premises, warehouses, community buildings and schools. Could your roof host an installation? It costs you nothing, you pay less for your electricity and you are helping our community – what’s not to like?

Your business, school or community group can benefit from solar power without the headache of upfront capital costs

The Department for Energy and Climate Change forecasts that electricity prices are set to rise over the next few decades to meet our future energy needs.  Solar PV provides a clean, low-cost source of electricity and your company, school or community group may be able to enjoy the benefits associated with hosting solar power on your rooftop.

Harborough Energy has been set up to give our local community the opportunity to collectively invest in, and own, renewable energy schemes in and around Market Harborough.  Individuals and organisations are able to buy community shares in what is known as a community share offer. Once we have raised our target amount, we install solar PV panels for free on host buildings, such as yours.

Harborough Energy will work together with you to design the highest yielding solar solution for your rooftop and install it at no cost; with no disruption.  We will ensure that your system is maintained for the duration of 20 years, ensuring peak performance at all times.

A rooftop solar installation will enable you to take control over, and reduce your electricity costs and leave a lasting and positive legacy, with profits from the scheme being reinvested in a community fund.

Contact us today to find out more on how you can start benefiting from solar power.

For an informal discussion about the benefits of becoming a host: