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Ethical Investment – is it for me?


Ethical investment funds tend to take one of two approaches:

  • Funds that avoid stocks that have a negative impact on the environment and its people – they tend to screen out companies involved in contentious sectors such as tobacco, oil and alcohol, and opt instead for established mainstream companies with a proven ethical and environmental track record.
  • Funds that target companies that are actively making a positive contribution to the environment and its people – such as designing green transport or developing processes that minimise pollution.

Here at Harborough Energy we are aiming to make a positive contribution to our local community.  The volatility of markets following the plunge of Chinese shares may have had many of us reconsidering how and where we invest.

Harborough Energy projects represent excellent investment opportunities for a number of reasons.

  • Returns will vary depending on the specific share offer, but we expect all of our projects to deliver a return that is attractive to local investors
  • As well as your return on investment you will be investing in the future of your community
  • This is a growth sector, supported by significant Government initiatives, policy and grants
  • There is the option to invest in a specific project or across a wider basket of activities
  • You are investing in an ethical, local business supporting Market Harborough

For full details contact us to find out the full rewards and potential risks of investing in Harborough Energy projects. Once projects are fully checked for their feasibility we will release the funding requirements and the details of the investment can be considered.  We expect to be issuing a share offer this autumn.  If you would like to pre-register your interest please contact: