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Harborough Solar One Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of our Community Benefit Society, Harborough Solar One was held on 22nd November at the Angel Hotel.  The minutes of that meeting may be found on this website in the Governance pages.

It was… Continue reading

A tenth of small businesses generate own power

More than one in 10 small businesses now generates electricity on site, according to new figures that underscore the increasing shift towards localised power production in the UK.

The Federation of Small Businesses said that 12pc of its members… Continue reading

Energy-saving tips for SMEs

If the average UK household can save £80 just by turning off devices when they’re not in use, imagine what a business could save by doing the same. What other changes can you make to save more, and what should… Continue reading

Stalled solar scheme gets the green light


Harborough Energy is delighted to announce its latest solar PV project.  Harborough Energy, a co-operative set up to provide affordable, renewable energy projects in and around Market Harborough is delighted to have secured agreement with Woodnewton Academy to install… Continue reading

Renewables ideal Hinkley ‘Plan B’

Conservative think-tank Bright Blue has said that renewables must be the government’s ‘Plan B’ in the event that the controversial Hinkley C nuclear power project falls through.

Bright Blue’s ‘Keeping the lights on’ report, published yesterday, profiled how it considered… Continue reading