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Get ready for winter put a woolly on your house

Harborough Energy is pleased to announce the launch of a new community service.

You may be losing up to 1/3 of the heat in your house through your walls. Your home is in an area of Harborough District where there are grants for cavity wall and loft insulation available and your home may qualify. Harborough District Council is working with Harborough Energy,  to ensure Harborough residents are able to access these grants.

Loft insulation is crucial for keeping your home warm and your energy bill down. Up to quarter of the warmth in your home escapes through the roof if your loft space doesn’t have adequate insulation. Even if the heat gets into your loft and goes no further, this is a waste of the money that you’ve spent on heating your home – you want the heat in your living room and in your bedroom, not the loft space. Once loft insulation is in place, it can save up to 30% of your monthly energy bill.

Cavity insulation works by filling the gaps between the walls. There’s a gap in there, and any heat that escapes into the gap is heat that isn’t where you want it: in your living room. Cavity insulation fills these gaps trapping warmth into the rooms rather than allowing it to escape and be wasted.

People who struggle to keep their homes warm are often on low incomes, in rural areas, not connected to mains gas, or do not live in energy efficient homes, and can be the most vulnerable people in our communities. Keeping warm, and keeping the house warm for your family, is something that a lot of people take for granted, but there are many people across the district struggling to do just that. The new scheme will help them to keep warm and healthy throughout the coming winter months.  In many cases they will not even have to pay, or only pay a small amount as the insulation is subsidised by the fuel suppliers.

To find out more check out the Projects section of this website where you can find full details

"Warm Homes" community service