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Community energy


Coming soon our first community share offer

Investing in one of our projects represents an excellent investment opportunity with typical returns of between 2% and 9%. Our projects will leave a permanent and positive legacy, with a clear message about our community’s aspirations for its future and… Continue reading

Climate change progress 'too slow'


International talks in Bonn have made progress towards a new global deal on climate change, says the UN, amid calls from NGOs for a faster pace.

Countries are working towards options to limit greenhouse gas emissions from 2020 in… Continue reading

Tidal lagoon given green light

Planning consent was given today for construction of the world’s first tidal lagoon, in a boost to moving towards a low carbon, home grown energy mix.

If built, turbines in the proposed six-mile horseshoe shaped sea wall around Swansea Bay… Continue reading

End of fossil fuel era?

The G7 has called for a transformation of electricity generation towards renewables and nuclear by 2050.

And they said fossil fuel should not be burned in any sector of the economy by the end of the century.

Their targets are… Continue reading

China greenhouse gases: Progress is made

China’s greenhouse gas emissions could start to decline within 10 years, according to a report from the London School of Economics.

This would be five years earlier than expected and would offer a boost towards efforts to protect the climate.… Continue reading

'Moon shot' call on clean energy

A group of scientists and economists is calling for the equivalent of the Apollo space programme to produce cheap, clean energy.

Apollo engaged America’s best minds to put a man on the Moon in the Cold War.

The academics say… Continue reading

Grid capacity threat to community renewables

Lack of capacity at the 14 private sector distribution network operators (DNOs) which carry electricity from the main grid to commercial and domestic users is proving a barrier to the fast developing community energy sector.

Western Power Distribution, the DNO… Continue reading