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¾ of fossil fuel reserves must be kept in the ground to avoid climate change

In a statement timed to correspond with ‘Earth Day’, The Earth League have announced that three quarters of known fossil fuel reserves must be kept in the ground if humanity is to avoid ‘the worst effects of climate change’.

The Earth League, a group of leading scientists and economists, used their statement to urge world leaders to commit to avoiding global warming. This commitment would include reducing economies’ carbon emissions to zero by 2050, putting a price of carbon, and ensure that the richest economies set an example by taking the most aggressive cuts.

These measures would help global warming to stay below a rise of 2°C – the safety limit which has been previously agreed by governments. The statement highlighted that the failure of governments to act on climate change would bring a 1 in 10 chance of temperatures rising by over 6°C by 2100 – a level of risk that would compare with ‘accepting 10,000 plane crashes daily worldwide’.

The statement’s lead author, Johan Rockström said: “From a scientific perspective, 2015 is a decisive moment. The window to navigate ourselves free from a ‘beyond 2C future’ is barely open. It’s the last chance to navigate ourselves towards a desired future.

“It’s so frustrating, because it’s the choice of moving down a business-as-usual route with devastating outcomes for humanity and, at the same time, we have this almost unprecedented opportunity, we can transform the world economy to a fossil fuel-free one and moreover do it in a way that is security and health-wise more attractive.”
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