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World Bank prioritises clean energy investment

The World Bank has announced that it will invest in clean energy, whilst only funding coal projects in ‘circumstances of extreme need’ in bid to tackle climate change.

This follows World Bank-commissioned research which showed that as a result of past greenhouse gas emissions the world is condemned to unprecedented weather events.

President of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim comments: “The findings are alarming. As the planet warms further, heatwaves and other weather extremes, which today we call once-in-a-century events, would become the new climate normal, a frightening world of increased risk and instability. The consequences for development would be severe, as crop yields decline, water resources shift, communicable diseases move into new geographical ranges, and sea levels rise.”

“We are going to have to focus all of our energy to move toward renewable and cleaner forms of energy.”

Many feel that local projects may offer the solution to the world wide problem.  Projects such as Harborough Energy offer local communities a way of creating sustainable local energy projects. If you would like to get involved in creating energy in the Harborough area – either as a land owner or an investor, contact Harborough Energy today to find out more.