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What a difference a day makes … NBJ Solar beats the snow

NBJ Solar Array Covered in Snow at Dawn (25th January 2021)

NBJ Solar Array near Husbands Bosworth

Harborough Energy were delighted to receive these stunning images taken by NBJ after the recent covering of snow across the country.

Despite the panels being covered in a deep layer of snow the day and night before – by mid-afternoon on the 25th of January, the panels had cleared and were busy producing lots of clean renewable energy again.

It was good to see how quickly the NBJ panels shrugged off the snow and were able to take full advantage of the glorious sunny day that followed the chilly white out!

NBJ Solar Array Snow Free Later (25th January 2021)

Comparison of NBJ output with our other sites

We get real time data on the instantaneous output (in kW) via our Energy Meter Information Gateway (EMIG).

We can see that earlier in the week, our community owned sites (at NBJ, Archway and Woodnewton) were producing reasonable output for this time of year.  On the 24th of January, all sites were covered but NBJ bounced back into action the next day – quicker than the other sites (which we will continue to monitor).

This could be linked to its bigger size (103 kWp), being ground mounted at the optimum angle and spacing plus being located in an open area clear from any trees or other buildings (click on the graphs below for full details):

NBJ Solar Panels – 26JAN21 Output in kW via EMIG


Archway Solar Panels – 26JAN21 Output in kW via EMIG


Woodnewton Roof 1&2 Solar Panels – 26JAN21 Output in kW via EMIG



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