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New suppliers join Warm Home Discount scheme for 2016-17

Following the introduction of the Warm Home Discount a new supplier, Extra Energy, has joined the scheme for the first time after it exceeded the customer number threshold at which participation becomes mandatory.

Also for the first time since the scheme’s inception three energy suppliers: Our Power, GB Energy, and Bristol Energy have decided to voluntarily participate.

Voluntary participants offer support only under the Core Group element of the scheme, meaning from this winter their customers will be able to benefit from a £140 annual rebate on their energy account, if they or their partner’s name is on the bill and they receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit.


David Fletcher, Associate Director of Energy Efficiency and Social Programmes at Ofgem E-Serve, said: “We’re pleased to see the voluntary suppliers join the increased number of suppliers who will be delivering rebates under the Warm Home Discount scheme.

“It means eligible customers will have a wider range of suppliers to choose from whilst still being able to benefit from rebates on their energy bills. We look forward to working with these suppliers as part of our scheme administration duties”.

Jo Smith, Head of Pricing at Extra Energy, said: “The Warm Home Discount is an integral part of ensuring the most vulnerable customers receive the assistance they need with their energy bills.

“We are delighted at having become part of the programme and we are actively looking to broaden our offer further to help support even more potentially vulnerable customers over the winter months.  Extra Energy are determined to ensure that no one pays over the odds for their energy bills, and we are confident that more competition in the market place would drive down overall prices for all customers.”


Dawn Muspratt, Founding CEO of Our Power, said: “Our Power are excited to be able to volunteer for the Warm Homes Discount. The ability to offer the core group this discount on top of our already competitive tariff allows us to continue our aim of reducing fuel poverty and provide our customers with the ability to keep their homes warm during the winter months”.

Luke Watson, Managing Director of GB Energy, said: “GB Energy was set up to provide people with the best value energy deals possible and it’s important that we can offer the best deals to everyone, especially the most vulnerable customers. The more suppliers that volunteer for the Warm Home Discount scheme, the better.”


Peter Haigh, Managing Director of Bristol Energy, said: “One of the reasons Bristol Energy was set up to was to tackle the very real issue of fuel poverty. So volunteering to offer the Warm Home Discount to our customers was the right and obvious thing to do. “It’s often the smaller companies who can offer the more competitive deals. By combining our tariffs with the discount, we can help the core group to keep warm this winter. And we’d encourage all smaller energy suppliers to do the same.