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Energy firm E.On cuts gas prices by 5.1%

E.On has announced a 5.1% reduction in its standard gas price for residential customers.

The company said the cut was the price equivalent of £32 off the average annual bill.

It is the first time in five months that any of the big six energy firms have cut their prices.

Last week both the Regulator and the prime minister expressed concerns that prices were not being cut in line with falls in the wholesale cost of gas.

Other energy companies are likely to be following suit so now is a very good time to consider switching to a new company

By shopping around and taking advantage of the best energy deals on the market, millions of people can save around £200 – and some can save even more.

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, said:

We need to shout loud about the benefits of switching tariff. Too many people think energy firms are ‘all the same’. That’s far from true, there are huge differences on both price and customer service.

For independent advice visit the Energy Regulator – OFGEM’s site