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Community energy

Community energy is a growing movement and here to stay. Market Harborough residents can be part of that future

It is easy to assume future energy markets will be all about grids and the technology of tomorrow, rather than communities and the people of today. However, community projects are showing that clean and green energy agendas, and issues of social sustainability, such as affordability and inclusivity, go hand in hand, according to Alex Germanis, interim chief executive of Pure Leapfrog.

“Energy increasingly has a social dimension. The exponential growth of community energy shows how hungry people are to create and own green energy that delivers a social return,” says Mr Germanis.

A business-led charity, Pure Leapfrog is the leading social investment provider within the community energy sector. With the rise of the sharing economy and associated social money-raising mechanisms, such as crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending, digital technology trends are literally handing power to the people, he argues.

“We will increasingly see liberalised markets where the consumer chooses – consumer preferences will be more important than economic rationale”

“We are seeing an exciting marriage of decentralised and democratised energy and finance coming together to revolutionise the way we create, own and manage energy,” he says. “This is a growing movement and here to stay.”

Market Harborough residents will be able to become part of this revolution.  Coming soon – our first Community Energy Share Offer