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Community energy

Reduce your business energy bills!

If you are a business based in Market Harborough and would like to reduce your energy bills then come along to the business energy club. Energy Club Leaflet

The Energy Club has been established by Sustainable Harborough‘s Business Energy Efficiency Steering Group in partnership with GAIA Active and held its first meeting in September 2014. The Energy Club is part of a network of similar clubs with the overriding difference being that there is no energy consumption limit to those attending the Market Harborough Club and that small, medium and large businesses within the town can attend.

To find out the daEnergy club logtes of the next Market Harborough energy club and to register your attendance please go to:

The meetings are free to attend and will be held quarterly. By attending you can give yourself or a representative from your business/ company the opportunity to:

-Learn new ways to engage staff in energy efficient practices

-Learn about green energy schemes and how you can make money from them

-Stay ahead of new government legislation

-To share concerns and benefit from peer to peer learning.


If you would like to find out more about the energy club network then please go to